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    Bitcoin mining service ‘’ Hacked – USERS Database for Sale!, a Cloud based Bitcoin Mining service has been hacked by unknown hackers. Apparently hackers have got full control of the server and the whole database of its Users usersnames, emails and unencrypted passwords are for sale.

    The Users Database include over 80,000 entries and costs 1 BTC (286.23 US Dollar), according to the note posted by hackers. This database will serve as a goldmine for Spammers and cyber-criminals.

    The defaced homepage of the website (now removed) contained partial database of around 1000 users including their usernames and passwords in plain text format. The same details were posted on various online text storage services like pastebin however the pastes were removed quickly. You can still access the 1000 users date below:

    Working paste:

    It is still not clear whether user wallets were compromised or simply parts of the server that were more public-facing. Clearly this is the outcome of poor security practices since the website did not even care to store atleast passwords as a hash.

    Users of are recommended to change their passwords at all other sites where they have used similar login credentials.