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    Where can I find verified hackers online?

    Where to find verified hackers?

    This great hacker’s list platform was formed so as to create an intermediary between anonymous hackers from dark web and the normal people that cannot have access to them whereby securing money and identity. 

    Hacker’s list has been established over 8 years, verified by, New York Times, Mashable, Forbes, Trust pilot, Arstechnica and so many other great and trusted platforms.

    Who are Verified Hackers?

    Verified Hackers are top hackers that have CEH certificates, vetted by hacker’s list – the biggest legit hackers’ platform in the world and have carried out over 200,000 ethical projects for the benefit of mankind.

    Why do some websites use the term verified hackers?

    These so called websites taps into the term – verified hackers so as to get traffic, and can get people to contact them. 

    It hurts when people complain to us about these scammers that called themselves verified hackers. 

    At this cross road, verified hackers must be truly verified before been handed over a hacking project because we care so much about people. 

    Why are so many sites copying Hacker’s list?

    Many websites copies hacker’s list platform, but cannot copy our standard. We try as much as possible to avoid scams, while we solve issues for our clients. We have a very competent admin that oversees and attends to intended projects, ongoing projects, finished projects and disputes.

    I will name a few websites that has copied hackers-list plaform, but I will not link to them:

    And so on. 

    Why are we different from the rest?

    We actually carry out hacks, we accept projects on daily basis, review them and publish them as featured articles. So many clients write reviews about us through trustpilot and

    Our top hackers are Richard Pryce, Adam Walters and Kevin Poulsen.

    How do I know who the verified hackers are?

    Verified Hackers can only be found on, not or or any charade name of any kind. 

    If you are still not sure of who to hire, you can contact us via our contact link – Contact.