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    Aug 18 th, 2017
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    Bitcoin mining service ‘’ Hacked – USERS Database for Sale!, a Cloud based Bitcoin Mining service has been hacked by unknown hackers. Apparently hackers have got full control of the server and the whole database of its Users usersnames, emails and unencrypted passwords are for sale. The Users Database include over 80,000 entries and costs 1 BTC (286.23 US Dollar), according to the note [...] READ MORE
    Jun 18 th, 2017
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    ATM Cyber Attack: How Hackers Stole $45 Million from ATMs in just 48 hours!

    27 countries, 5000 ATMs, 81000 transactions, and a group of International Cyber Thieves yielded $45 Million Global ATM Heist. This was pure 21st century robbery: No masks, no weapons, no standoffs with police — just a few computer systems and a hacking plan. In the course of 12/12/012 to 02/19/2013, an international team of hackers [...] READ MORE