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    Jul 18 th, 2017
    Hacking News No Comments

    AnonOps India Hacks Into Reliance Servers – Blocks Facebook, Twitter & several other sites!

    Few days back Anonymous Operation India (AnonOps India) had accused Reliance (RCOM) of blocking several sites without authorization, by going beyond the authorization given to it by courts and the governmental body. Not only Reliance communication, other internet Service Providers in India are also blocking torrent sites, file sharing and some video sharing websites due to court orders and [...] READ MORE
    Dec 22 nd, 2016
    Hacking News - Social Media No Comments

    Use NoScript & Protect yourself from Facebook SPAM (ClickJacking)

    Everyday new Facebook SPAM is born. Hardly Facebook can detect and kill them immediately unless large number of users report the Link. In its lifetime, Out of 100 users who come across it only 20 people will actually ignore it. Rest 80 people will unknowingly Click through it and fuel the ClickJacking Attack. Read: What is ClickJacking Attack? It is [...] READ MORE