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    Improve the online game

    Improve the online game

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    Project description:

    Hello mates ,

    I’m Iranian and I need help

    long  time ago I registerd  in a online game , a few time later the management group of this game left  there because of economick damage

    now players are wanderer without any support or event . we tried convince them to back but they didn’t agree

    even its server is almost obsolete and when a new player registers and enters his username and password to start game , he will see bad gateway server eror page , you can check it

    please help us , we need its manage panel to improve 

     because it is an iranian domain , you will never be under legaliz  threat

    you can do this best case to gain more experience.

    if you willing to do let me know and I’ll send you link adress of this game and more informations about

    believe it’s not hard job for you 

    I can’t send you money because of US govt. sanctions against IR. If that was not so, surely I can pay even more than 5000$. I have no another way, understand me please 

    I know this servises are not free but I ask you do it just ONE TIMEif you are real hacker, please. pay attention to this with the human view no with money view if it is possible. or if you know a hacker who hacks free sometimes tell me. I need friends like you, please contact me by the mail and reply it.

    my e-mail :

    (charitable just one time)

    .best regards and thanks  🙂

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