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    I need help! Someone hacked my phone and now I’m blackmailed

    I need help! Someone hacked my phone and now I’m blackmailed

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    Hello. With 2 days ago, I found something strange. While my fiancée was sleeping, I saw he was online on Instagram. Obviously, I logged on his account to see what’s going on. I was shocked to discover that our private pictures were sent to an unknown account, and the conversation was instantly deleted while my fiancée was supposed to sleep. I made a screen shot, thinking that I have to prove him late that ain’t happened just in my mind. He was online on whatsapp aswell, it and he left me just with seen. Something strange, cause he never did it before. SO, THE FIRST THING THAT CAME IN MY MIND AFTER HE WOKE  up and told me tht was not him, it was that he was hacked. Due the screenshot

    that i made, we were able to text back on this account, and in the beggining the person behind it didn’t replied. Later, on that night, we got an message, where he said he is a hacker, and throught some apps, he got in my fiancees phone, hacked his whatsapp acount, got our pics and videos from there and sent it to his instagram account, from my fiancee’s profile. The worst part is that he asked us a lot of money to delete the videos and pic and to not post them somewhere. The problem is that we are muslim, and the pics were made in out intimacy. The “hacker” also knows that we are talking a lot through whatsapp, he said that he is following my fiancee for a long time, and know he knows things about me aswell. The problem is that he started to blackmail us, and i need someone who can “hack” his account and delete my videos and pics. Can anyone do this, please? Thank you!

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