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    Find me a real Sal Goodman type master at strategic planning ruthless commitment to justice

    Find me a real Sal Goodman type master at strategic planning ruthless commitment to justice

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    Project description:

    This will be a minimum one year up to two year steady relentless campaign of information gathering and  activity in the field up close and personal.

    There is torture going on beyond what our legal system can do anything about  covert almost impossible to prove things

    three children’s lives from ages of 2 to 16  some parts actual bone breaking flesh burning other parts just totally wrong and mind fucking insanity.

    Discussion about how to locate the type of person who’s likely to be able to fuck shit up as needed while being a bad ass enough to stay the course and finish the job. Initially we plan and talk about how to go about finding people that can be counted on and I want to not just talk about random things I want special attention to detail and planned out hypothetical scenarios that have been gone through and perfected before actually implementing the plan. There’s money in the budget for quite a lot and there is quite a lot of work that is needed to be done right.

    I want this person to have abilities and skill sets that are above the norm. I’m taking navy seal strategy and intensity that is above average to be figuring shit out. Otherwise I’d just do it myself but I. Smart enough to know my experience and expertise are in other areas and there’s someone who’s awesome at this.

    whats.needed here is military grade shock and awh on a residential level in three cities in California Hanford Ca , Sonora Ca , Fresno Ca

    crews run by master con artist.  Expert Grifters. Guys that can blend in and know how to be a professional. Running multiple cons on multiple individuals simultaneously again and again over one year

    . Lives will be effected massively and it’s going to be very complicated and not easy or fast it’s going to happen gradually over months and months of well planned and executed events to slowly take its role but most importantly random separated events impossible to tie together but absolutely all part of the main goal.

    contact me BE PREPARED TO VETT INDIVIDUALS AND BONUSES FROM $2000 upto $20000 are on the table depending on details agreed upon

    this isn’t some joke. It’s real and a two year olds been burned and his femur broken another child has been isolated abused and is only 9.

    these individuals have skills and yet they have a lot of weak spots that can be very exploited and helpful to our goal.

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