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    Database Hacking

    Database Hacking

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    Project description:

    Hello, I need your help. To Cut Long Story short: on 23.08.2017 i Took the Train (ICE635) from Bremen to göttingen. The Train started in Bremen at 19:15 in the evening. My father just died and i had a really Bad day. With me there sat a Young man. He already sat there when i came in. But i think the Train started in Bremen. It was really intense, we stared at each other the whole Time and smiled but Nobody was able to start talking. Actually i had to get out the Train in Hannover (Next Station After bremen) but i just couldt, so i buyed a ticket to göttingen. Just before i left he got really nervous, too. But we couldnt handle it to ask each other for Details. This is now over a Week ago, and i still think about him. So i am Looking for someone who can get into the Database of the “deutsche Bahn” and get a passenger List with names and emails. He did not reserved his seat i think. But he had an qr Code ticket (they Are personally identifiable) so his dates has to be in the Database. He went to Kassel or Fulda or Würzburg or Nürnberg. That was the next stations of the Train. Most of the People who came from Bremen got out the train in Hannover so there shouldnt be so so Many People who are qualified. Short : i need names and emails of men, who drove with ICE635 started at 19:15 in the eveneing on 23.08.2017 from Bremen at least to Kassel but i think he drove Even further (Fulda, Würzburg or Nürnberg), 2. Class , not First class. 

    Is anyone able to help me please? 

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