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    Counter – Intelligence And Counter – Espionage Complex

    Counter – Intelligence And Counter – Espionage Complex

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    Project description:

    hello respected, potential cooperators. we can cooperate in many types including 1. exchange by consulting information, ideas, proposals for creation technique or software. 2. i`m seeking and gathering a team of programmers, hackers for create a software defence against satellite, internet, mobile tracking surfing, espionage. Future for this. in our time insiders info is very valuable. Demand from gov org and private one will be big. now it can be tracked bank wokers and steal millions or terrorists can track and gather info from defence establishment,,consequently demand for defence is and will be huge. i think it can be made good money on me and people who tracks make good money. To prove and have evidences for the further lawsuits it need evidences. Thus if to detect satellite, internet, mobile trackes it need to create a system, method, reqequip current equipment, software, apparatus. after creation of this it will make the world more safe allowing to everybody not to fear against mobile tracking. In case of tracking criminals could be prosecuted and punished.

    In many countries tracking service is different, for example in RF that copm1, in the USA its IUY,

    i don`t against law enforcement org but against private.

    Phisical audio bugs and video cameras can simply check it up by used direction finder.
    1, after everybody is can be tracked and eavesdrop by imei, sim, imsi (air), no via software for that is needed internet, that usually can be switched off or false base station,that must follow after everybody, the most dangerous tracking is air, gsm (cdma recovery of history frequencies compiling ) – passive interception.
    2, tracking by satellite.
    3, there`s a assumption of traffic interception, if it would be hacked email it could be noted,by ip
    now almost everyone  using a software can input phone number without any physical contact with targeted victim after which track him.
    4. is there any technique or method to detect satellite channel, radiochannel that leads mobile scanning (monitoring, detailing, passive interception) where it bypass mobile operators. its known, gsm signal in coded view goes to base station, there can everybody intercept it. cdma is more difficult eavesdrop because of frequences range changes and without access to the operator and bs cant be overhead, in that case is possible to know who connects and intercepts signal of the man. the thing is, if a man at the desert without bs on him it can be forward satellite signal (it would be good to know tha nature of signal, to detect it) and intercepts all info about telephones near man. that`s if they know man`s number he can change  sim, that they can hear him by imei, if he change a phone they can overhear by sim card, if they don`t know anything they can send signal on man.
    Very IMPORTANT, i was adviced to use usual satellite dishes and receivers or convert it into a reception of any satellite signals, and some new modern receivers allow to get from satellite internet settings, is it possible using internet sites eaverdrop man`s phone near his satellite antenna by GETTING LOGS (IP).IN that case the problme with detection will be solved.

    5, after man is lead passive interception and satellite surveilance, man`s defence: cryptotelephone, for communication desirably CDMA, mobile jammer in contact with other persons. against satellite, i think its useless to hide. 

    7, what software do you know (public or any interested person or company can order programmers and get access to the satellite for example tv channels), services (sites) (if it public) inlcluding american, international, the best one and possible for satellite и audio overhear including audiosurrounding without installing software on the phone and physical contact with(physical hacking, interception).

    8. do you know at least some methods, techniques or technologies except quantum changes in the network, on detection of satellite monitoring, telephone surveilance, interception of internet traffic, spying man`s electronic mail on detection his ip for following spying his internet surfing.

    9, how to find out and detect satellite or mobile signals, to detect logs (ip, imei, imsi,) people, org, criminals leading hunting, spying over man? it need to hack accounts of popular services, site of tv, org, sites of satellites like hotbird, amos or it need to make official legal request for this services 

    10, where`s keep info from satellites tracking (transponder, frequencies), logs of criminals, that track.

    if it works we can be provider of law enforcement org and sell them and other org for counter intelligence. i see that`s not exist in network. there`s no competition.its very big future for this. 

    budget its not fixed, it can be paid even for a consulting, idea if it works, software, creating for apparatus.

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