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    How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly?

    Bitcoin has become a household name and by now everyone has, at least, heard about it. Due to the recent massive increase in its price and awareness, many people are interested to learn how to buy Bitcoin.

    How to buy bitcoin easily with Master card or Visa card?

    Bitcoin can be purchased easily with master card or visa card using Paybis. With paybis, you can pay a someone’s bitcoins wallet directly without going through the stress of having a bitcoins account.

    The following are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Go to Paybis.
    2. Click on sign up button.
    3. Fill in your name, email address, and choose a strong password.
    4. Verify your account with the proper identification.
    5. Eventually, login into with your account details.
    6. Enter the amount of btc you want to buy in USD(the equivalence will be shown automatically on the form).
    7. Enter the bitcoin address on the input address in the form below it.
    8. Finally click on start transaction choosing the right payment method.

    How to buy bitcoin easily with bank transfer in your local currency?

    Local Bitcoins is the solution to buy bitcoin easily with bank transfer in your local currency


    1. Go to Localbitcoins and click on the big green ‘Sign up free’ button.
    2. Enter your details and click on ‘Register’
    3. Confirm your account by going to the email account you provided and following the link in the registration email they sent you.
    4. You now have a Wallet  which enables you to buy and sell bitcoins and use them to purchase products. You can see how many bitcoins you have  in your wallet next to the Bitcoin ‘B‘ at the right hand side of top tool bar on the home page.
    5. Click on the ‘B‘ and it will take you to a page that lets you send bitcoins and tells you your unique bitcoin address which consists of a long list of numbers and letters eg: 12w3xe3f1bxVqaHCBjG89tuAMV2NX8dFbw 
    6. To make a transaction you may need to update your profile information by registering your real name and verifying your phone number. To do this, click on the person icon on the right hand side of the top tool bar and scroll down to ‘Edit profile’. Then go to ‘verification’ or ‘Real Name’.


    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click on ‘Buy Bitcoins’ on the left hand side of the tool bar at the top of the page.
    3. You will see a list of sellers in your local area with the following information:
      SELLER– this gives you the name of the seller and their stats: (100+, 100%) indicates that they have made over 100 trades and have a 100% positive rating. We would recommend using a seller with these stats. If there is a green spot next to their name they are online and active, a brown spot is inactive and a grey spot is off line.
      DESCRIPTION – this tells you the seller’s prefered payment method.                
       – this tells you the seller’s price per bitcoin in your local currency.
      LIMITS – this tells you the lowest and highest amount they will sell.
      PAYMENT METHOD – the sellers payment method options.
    4. Choose a seller who has a good rate and stats, the right limits for you,  your preferred payment method and who is on line and active (green spot), and click ‘Buy‘ next to their info (don’t worry you are under no obligation to buy at this point).
    5. The next page will give you an introduction and description of the sellers terms on the right hand side. You will probably find that for a first time sale they will require you to scan and send some form of ID to prove that your name corresponds with your bank account (drivers license/passport/bank card with numbers covered or something similar), so make sure you have that available before you move forward with the trade.
    6. Type the amount of bitcoin you require into the blue BTC box and the amount you will pay in your local currency will appear in the blue box on the left.
    7. Add a comment to introduce yourself and ask any questions (ie: “Hi this is my first bitcoin trade”), and click on ‘Send trade request‘.
    8. The next page will allow you to chat in real time to the seller, provide your ID, and follow their instructions to transfer funds to them. You will be messaging a real person now, so they should be able to guide you through the final few steps.


    1. Once you’ve bought your bitcoins go to the ‘B‘ bitcoin icon on the right hand side of the top tool bar.
    2. Copy and paste the John Doe’s bitcoin address into the ‘Receiving bitcoin address‘ box (we will email our bitcoin address to you upon enquiry).
    3. Enter $200/$130/$85 worth of bitcoins in the ‘Amount in bitcoins‘ box, put in your password and click on ‘send from wallet‘.